Power Washing for Long-Term Savings

Whether you manage a restaurant, office building, retail space or industrial facility, you can benefit from preventive maintenance. This type of proactive, scheduled care saves money in the long run by reducing costs and potential downtime due to equipment failure.

In the same way that preventive healthcare reduces long term medical costs, preventive maintenance programs lower maintenance expenses over time. Performing regular business inspections, cleaning and lubricating essential equipment, power washing outdoor areas, and other preventive maintenance activities reduces the likelihood of equipment problems in the future.

The four main types of preventive maintenance include inspection, detection, correction, and protection. Inspection involves looking for problems or potential issues that might need to be addressed, such as examining the electrical system of a machine. Detection includes using a checklist to monitor equipment performance, such as measuring vibration, checking for oil leaks, and looking at operating logs for past problems. Correction includes taking action to avoid problems from occurring, such as cleaning laundry lint filters to minimize fire risk and reduce energy consumption. Protection refers to safeguarding against potential problems, such as implementing an automatic shutoff mechanism for certain equipment when it exceeds a temperature or other limit.

Many companies have a reactive approach to maintenance, and this can lead to expensive problems down the line. For example, if an equipment failure occurs during peak production hours, the company loses revenue and must pay employees to work while machines are down for repairs.

A strong preventive maintenance program will help the facility department avoid these costly issues by ensuring that all assets are properly serviced during off hours or on the weekend when production is slow. It will also encourage employees to take a proactive approach to equipment care by reminding them to look for potential problems and correct those problems before they cause major disruptions.

Developing an effective preventive maintenance program requires an investment of time and resources. Creating a complete list of assets and their corresponding maintenance needs can take a significant amount of effort, especially if the company is new to preventive maintenance and doesn’t have preexisting data to use as a guide. However, the benefits of an effective preventive maintenance program are significant, and any investment will be well worth it in the long run.

Hiring a professional power washing services in Fairfax can be particularly beneficial for businesses that require a high level of expertise to perform certain types of preventive maintenance, such as power washing, or specialized services such as a mold remediation. In these situations, it makes more sense to outsource a team of professionals than to invest the time and resources needed for in-house training. In addition, outsourcing preventive maintenance tasks to outside contractors can also save the company money on labor and equipment costs. The total cost of professional power washing a single area is generally less than one cent per square foot, depending on the city water charges in the area where the business is located.